Requirements for dossier submission

In view of the exceptional circumstances, all applications not sent through CESP are to be sent via email to the respective mailboxes.  NO applications should be sent by post.

Applications for parallel import licences:

Applications for the classification of borderline products:

All other applications:

Centralised, Mutual Recognition/Decentralised and National Procedures

Applicants are reminded to register for submissions through the Common European Portal (CESP).  CESP provides a secure method of communicating with the Regulatory Agencies via one platform, allow submission of one aplication once to reach all required agencies and reduces the burdern of submitting/handling of applications on CD-ROM/DVD.  If you have any difficulties with registration to CESP, please send an email to

General information an application forms for marketing authorisations, renewals and variations is available in EudraLex - Volume 2 - Pharmaceutical Legislation Notice to applicants and regulatory guidelines medicinal products for human use, on the European Commission website.

For Centralised procedures more information is available on the EMA website.

More detailed information on the Mutual Recognition and Decentralised Procedures and all documentation requirements and templates can be found in the CMDh section of the Heads of Medicines Agencies website.

For specific requirements on the electronic submission and methods of submission of all documentation (e.g. on format, required templates, electronic signatures), refer to the Medicines Authority document Guideline for submission of applications and documents for medicinal products authorisation and post-authorisation activities procedures. 

For European procedures, this should be read in conjunction with the following guides for new applications as well as variations and renewals.

Companies are encouraged to submit applications fully electronically through the Common European Submission Platform (CESP) at For further information, consult the Medicines Authority document on requirements for submission mentioned above.


The use of the eAR (electronic application form) is mandatory from 01/01/2016 for all European procedures.  Further details can be found on the European Medicines Agency website on:

Updated on 16/3/2020